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Registration for 3rd International Olympiad of English Language  Started.

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  Participating Schools Opinion about iiO
iiO is the best exam organized by computer literacy foundation to improve the knowledge of the students in the field of computer science and IT.
Arun K. Pathak: Holy Cross Sch, Kolkata
Children are getting more interested in computers and looking forward to other such exams for more felicitation.
Meena Waldia: DPS, Nigahi
Very informative course material. Prizes for 1, 2, 3 rank holders for every class is very encouraging.
Sonal Thakkar: Centre Point School, Nagpur
Good management. Timely response. International level. Best one, I have ever come across.
Padma Hiranandani: Gokuldham School, Mumbai
Creating more interest in students for computer education. Good efforts for making computer subject as much important as other important subjects like Maths, Physics, etc.
Rajeev K. Srivastava: Seedling School, Jaipur
iiO creates encouragement among students and creates IT awareness.
Mousumi Saha: National English School, Kolkata
Nice platform for children to get into the International Level Competitions. Children are very much motivated.
Manisha Sharma: Amity International School, Gurgaon
Doing really well. Students are taking interest as iiO has given them a platform to do something grate in the field of computer. Congratulation, keep it up!
Deepshikha Sharma: DAV Centenary Public School, Haridwar
It is giving a chance to the students to go little beyond their syllabus to understand the concepts.
Ritu Bahari: Columbia Foundation School, New Delhi
The step put forward by iiO is really appreciable. It is bringing up 'IT awareness' among students, hence building interest among students for the same. It is providing, 'in search' talent for the field among students.
Gurmeet Singh Anand: Doon International School, Dehradoon
Well organized exam. Good quality certificates and medals.
Shakuntala: Step By Step School, Jaipur
Material aid (Books + CDs) provided to the students were very beneficial.
Arun Kumar Ojha: City Montessori Inter College, Lucknow
iiO is purely besed on computer science which gives the students the right direction to work, improve and also know their standing in the subject. The level of questions is good.
Jyoti Mathur: DPS, Jodhpur
The test was according to the levels of the students. It is a good step to encourage the students towards IT field.
Rajni Ahuja: Sant Nischal Singh Public School, Yamuna Nagar
Questions are very good. These are standard questions for each class level according to the syllabus. 1st level prize distribution rank has been increased which will encourage other students.
Sushma Khare: M. L. Convent Inter College, Allahabad
It encourages young minds to delve deeper into the subject. Very nice tool to check the aptitude for the subject, early. Conducted very well, well organized; very well done job by the team of organizers, kudos!
Sonymol Koshy :Ganga International School, New Delhi
It is an excellent competitive exam which enhances computer literacy standard among school children. It also encourages, motivates and nurture the young talents in the field of computers. The meticulous and systematic system of conducting the exam and sending the result of the same is excellent.
Brunda Arun: DPS, Bangalore
All the parents are happy as iiO starts from very lower classes. Giving options for conducting iiO (different dates) are very comfortable for the teaching staff.
K. Kiranmai: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, Hyderabad
Standard of question paper is highly appreciated. Way of conducting the exams and documents enclosed are very good.
Swatee Singh: St. Joseph School, Chittaranjan, Burdwan
Questions are up to the mark. Good response and management for conducting such big examination.
Priyanka Sharam: Indian School of Learning, Dhanbad
CLF's efforts are to be appreciated in spreading computer awareness. iiO was a craze in our school. Question paper was very close to the curriculum. Result analysis and certificate were very very good.
Sumathi Kumaresan: Krishna Public School, Bhilai
iiO is good awareness about computer among students. A good preparatory exam as per the syllabus and pattern to the respective classes of participating students.
Bajrang Lal Sharma: The Aditya Birla Public School, Raipur
The standard is very well maintained. Books and other materials were very helpful. Directions were very clear. Children were privileged. Students Learnt many a new things.
Ratna Vishwanathan: Modern School, Jhansi
All the points about iiO are positive. It gives lots of confidence and wider platform to the students and instructors. A child, appearing for the 2nd level, was very happy to reappear as the system followed is very well designed and systematic.
Choksi Bhairavi J.: Shri C.C. Shah English High School, Surat
We really appreciate the way the question paper was designed according to the syllabus. We look forward to participate in coming International Informatics Olympiad.
Manjula Roy: St. Karen' High School, Patna
Very good communication, very helpful. Good way of conducting the competition. Teacher's participation idea is excellent.
Taranjit Kohli : Amrita Vidyalayam, Pune
International Informatics Olympiad is the only International Computer related exam which maintains proper standard.
Y. Indira: St. Anne's Convent School, Chandigarh

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 Feedback from Schools

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