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Registration for 7th International Informatics Olympiad is Started.

Registration for 3rd International Olympiad of Mathematics is Started.

Registration for 2nd International Olympiad of Science  is Started.

Registration for 3rd International Olympiad of English Language  Started.

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International Olympiad of Mathematics

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L I N K S  :  2011 - 2012


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How to Participate

  • A student between class 1st to 12th can participate in iOM’09 through his/her school only.

  • The Registration Forms, Information Brochure etc. containing all relevant information pertaining to iOM’09 has already been sent to the school in India and Abroad.

  • If your School did not receive the Registration Forms and other details for iOM ‘09, you are requested to send your School Name, Complete School Address Contact person’s details, Name of the Sr. Mathematics Teacher in the School along with Phone Numbers to so that the necessary action can be taken immediately.

  • HOD Mathematics/School Coordinator may enroll their students online, however, School Registration Forms Etc. should be sent to the foundations office in Delhi before the last date of registration.

About Test Papers

The language medium of the iOM '09 is English only.

  • For Classes 1-2 : There will be 30 questions and the duration will be of 60 Minutes.

  • For Classes 3-10: There will be 40 questions and the duration will be of 40 to 60 Minutes.*

  • For Classes 11-12 : There will be 50 questions and the duration will be of 40 to 60 Minutes.*

The details of the manner in which the test is to be conducted will be sent with the question papers. The questions will be of objective type in nature with multiple choice answers. There is no negative marking. For classes 3 to 12 OMR answer sheets will be provided, whereas for classes 1and 2, question paper cum answer sheet shall be returned to Foundation with the answers marked by the students. Participants are not allowed to retain the question papers. The question papers must be submitted along with answer sheets to the Foundation for assessment and marking.

*Time Division
Participants from Class 3rd to 12th will be required to complete the test between a minimum of 40 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. Answer sheets cannot be submitted before the completion of 40 minutes. Participants should try to submit the answer sheet, with maximum correct answers, at the earliest after the end of 40 minutes to get the benefit of the third tie-breaker** rule. The invigilator is expected to write the correct time in the appropriate space provided in the answer sheet. As time is the third, not the first/second tie-breaker rule, students are requested to focus on achieving maximum correct answers in an optimum time.

Each question may not carry the same mark. In case of tie-up, preference will be given to the student who has attempted a greater number of questions correctly. The second preference will be given to following respect: First Mathematics related question and then mental ability and reasoning. The third preference will be given to the student, who has submitted the answer sheet earlier than the other/s. Should the tie-up still exist, a telephonic interview will be conducted with the participant.

Important Dates & Venue

  • The Venue of the Olympiad will be the school itself.

  • The Registration for iOM '09 starts in the month of June 2009.

  • The International Olympiad of Mathematics '09 will be held November/ December '09.

  • The Result will be available at in the month of 1st/2nd Week of January '10.

  • The Awards, and prizes will be sent to the school within 3-4 weeks of Result declared.

Preparatory Material : Text and Work Books for iOM 2009

Print Form : Preparatory Text Book and Wrok Book for iOM 2009 is available for classes I to X at the cost of Rs. 60/- each. The purchase of these books is not mandatory but highly recommended by the Foundation for superior performance in the Olympiad, as it has been tailor-made as per the syllabus of Olympiad (80 percent coverage), CBSE/ICSE and State Boards.

Kindly Note : The Text Book and Work Book are available at the schools at discounted rates of Rs. 40/- each.

Click here to Order Books and CDs Online for iOM '09

Facilities on NET for Coordinators , Teachers & Students

Options for iOM School-Incharge

Mathematics HOD/School Coordinator is entitled to register themselves as 'iOM School Coordinator'. Once Registered, your account will be activated after verification. iOEL School-Incharge/Coordinator can manage all the activities related to International Olympiad of English Language, such as:

  • Online submission of School Registration Form (Multiple time registration possible)

  • Online submission of Students Registration. You can also edit the inadvertent errors made earlier in your entries such as the names of students and class etc. Even if you have not made the entries yourself, you can make corrections online, if you come across errors.

  • Online order booking for Books

  • Access to Complete Study Materials like Online Books and Previous years Test papers etc.

  • View up-to-date information regarding :

    • Status of receipt of your Payment & Registration

    • Status of Books and CDs dispatched

    • Status of Question Papers sent to your school

    • Status of Answer sheet received by us

    • Status of Result dispatch to your school

    • Filtered Online Result

  • Access to manage other Event as well ... and many more.

Options for iOM School Teachers

Once you register as School Teacher (Registration is free) you can send your questions on-line. It's a simple one-step process. You can modify your questions and also view the questions sent by the teachers across the nation.

Options for iOM Participants

Participants can see detailed syllabus as well as sample test paper at the website and can view their iOM Result online. For iOM Participants a Free online mock iOM ‘09 is being conducted every year in the month of August ‘09. The participants from Class 3rd to 10th are eligible to take part in the online test. The students are advised to register themselves at for FREE online ‘Mock iOM ‘09’ before the actual Olympiad to assess their knowledge and find out their strong and weak areas. It may give them an edge over the others. Registration starts in the Month of August ‘09 and Closes Last week of October ‘09. Online Mock iOM will be conducted in the 1st week of November ‘09.

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